Lipsovir, A FDA Approved New Cold Sore Medicine

October 12, 2009

With the increase in the number of individuals affected by cold sores, many have started looking for the medications that are widely used for treating cold sores. Amidst the existing over the counter medications, many intend to have an in depth understanding of the prescription medications in detail for that would testify to be relatively safe and secure.

The latest innovation in this regard constitutes Lipsovir, a prescription drug and a new cold sore medicine from Medivir. This new cold sore medicine was approved by the FDA on July 31, 2009 and the launch date is still yet to be out.

What is Lipsovir?

Lipsovir, the new cold sore medication aims at treating recurrent fever blisters and curbs the onset of ulcerative cold sores. It has also testified to shorten the sore healing tenure.

Lipsovir constitutes a combination of hydrocortisone and acyclovir. Acyclovir is an anti viral medication that has proven to combat against the ontogenesis and transmission of herpes virus. Though the medication does not cure the sores and wipe out the virus from the body, it has testified to lessen the symptoms and alleviate the inflammation caused due to the fever blisters. Hydrocortisone is a variant of steroid that helps in battling against the chemicals that cause irritation, inflammation and redness on the skin surfaces.

While it is recommended to use Lipsovir for treating cold sores that are at their starting stage, this drug is intended to treat the fever blisters among adults and children who are over 12 years of age.

Interesting Facts about Lipsovir

Since FDA had categorized Lipsovir, the new cold sore medicine as a category C drug, it might be harmful for an unborn baby. Before taking Lipsovir, it is imperative to tell your medical practitioner if you are pregnant or planning to have a family soon.

It is highly emphasized that you apply the cream as per the dosage prescribed for an excess might prove to be detrimental. Ensure that you make use of a glove and apply the cream using a cotton swab as with other cold sore medications for that would be helpful in controlling the outbreak and transmission to others.

While children under the age of 12 are discouraged from resorting to the usage of Lipsovir, care must be taken and proactive discussion is a must if you are allergic to acyclovir or hydrocortisone.

Cold sore medicine reviews reveal that the side effects of this new cold sore medicine might be mild and can constitute itching, irritation and tolerable pain. However, if you notice allergic symptoms like breathing difficulties and swelling around the area of usage, it is imperative that you get medical help immediately.