Cold Sore Medicine Review: Options for an Appropriate Selection

October 13, 2009

Cold sores become a nuisance at any age. Once you’ve encountered them, they recur as an unpleasant, unwanted guest. Apart from the repulsive presence of sore patches, these cold sores are quite hurtful. The affected person is undeservingly a target of stares and sometimes, ridicule. Hence, these cold sores have psychological implications too.

The cold sore medicines review is imperative for you prior to the selection of the most suitable alternative in treatment. There are different types of medication available for cold sores. Some are applied over the blisters while others are orally consumed. Medicated mouthwashes, toothpastes, solutions, as well as patches are now also available.

Consideration Factors

During any cold sore medicine review, there are three factors upon which all the medications are evaluated: Value for money, side-effects, and effectiveness. Other than these core values, things like their availability, brand, duration for action, etc. are also significant.

Some of the most prominent and extensively sold medicines for cold sores include Abreva, Benzocaine, Docosanol, Zovirax, Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen and Lidocaine. Even though these brands are very much successful in their product categories, they have mixed cold sore medicine reviews. Each has its commendable attributes and associated criticisms. For instance, Zovirax is known to be one of the most effective options in the bunch. It works really fast to not only clear the cold sore, but to prevent it from reappearing too. However, its negative aspect is its relative price. The medicine is offered at a premium price. So, if you review it from the budget aspects, it may not be the most appropriate one for you.

Some of the cold sore medicines contain the ingredients that might cause the allergic reactions. Hence, it works for the worse of your existing condition. For example, an Oralmedic cream for mouth ulcers and cold sores consists of sulfuric elements. So, the presence of sulfur can be adversely-reacting on some patients and might make the sores even more painful and itchy. Regard the side-effects and ingredients vigilantly through your cold sores medicine reviews.

Credibility of the brand has to be backed up by some reliable facts and references. Even though many are the non-prescription drugs, you must get a good recommendation from a health professional. Marketing claims can be false, so do your research well and avoid falling for any scams. You are more prone to such activities when you are purchasing online or reading a passionate tale about how someone got the ‘magic beans’ to ‘ultimate success’. Always rationalize their arguments and logically decide the optimal solution to get rid of these cold sores.

The trend and spread of natural cold sore medicines is catching up. People are resorting to nature and herbal sources for the cure of this irksome problem. While some may not trust the effectiveness of such options like lysine supplements, lemon balm, resveratrol, etc., it’s advisable to opt for these medications if they are from a credible source.


Top 3 Prescription Cold Sore Medicines

October 11, 2009

While there is ample information floating around the internet about new cold sore medicines, it is vital to understand the top and the most effective FDA approved prescription cold sore medicines for that would prove to be safe and secure whenever used rather than opting for any other treatment for curing cold sores.

This article lists out the top 2 powerful cold sore medicines based on personal experiences. The latest FDA approved Lipsovir is discussed here in detail as the third prescription cold sore medicine option.

Denavir Cream 1%

Generically available in the form of penciclovir topical, Denavir is an antiviral prescription cold sore medication initially approved by FDA in the year 1996. This medication is intended to be used externally and if used near the eyes or inside the nose is likely to cause irritation.

The recommended dosage entails the application of this cream once in every 2 hours during the day. Approximately, it can be used 9 times a day. However, excessive usage of this cream is strictly prohibited and it has to be used during the tingle stage where the individual starts feeling soreness around the areas of prospective infection. Redness or inflammation in the areas of the lips and mouth insinuates the onset of cold sores. It is vital that you start applying this medication at this stage of the inset of the infection for it to be effective.

Zovirax Cream 5%

Commonly referred to as the acyclovir, it works similar to that of Denavir cream. This prescription cold sore medicine is also applied externally. The recommended dosage entails the external application for 4 times a day. It is quite expensive and is recommended that you apply this cream at the onset of the tingling stage of sold sores. However, this cream has proven to be effective in controlling and healing the blisters after they appear.

Working Principle of Denavir and Zovirax

Both these prescription cold sore medications work by managing and limiting the extent of damage caused by cold sores. However, they are neither intended to be perfect cure for cold sores nor are prescribed as the preventive medications for the contraction of cold sores. As such, even after the application of these creams, it is likely that the herpes virus type 1 lingers in the infected patients’ body and remains passive till another infection or outbreak sets in.


This is the recently FDA approved prescription medicine for cold sores. Being a combination of Acyclovir and hydrocortisone, it helps in preventing ulcerative fever blisters and shortens the healing time of the blisters.

Famvir and valtrex are the other prescription cold sore medicines that are in vogue today. Before resorting to any of these, please make it a point to get your physician’s advice for that would render safe and secure usage of these medicines in the long run.