10 Most Useful Kitchen Gadgets

August 23, 2010

Being a vegetarian throughout my life, I have always found the following list of kitchen gadgets most useful. I thought that my list might help you too. Here they go.

1. Pressure cooker

Pressure CookerHaving been born and brought up in a country like India, Rice has been my staple. I am not able to imagine my kitchen without a pressure cooker, which I use it for every meal to cook rice and to boil vegetables. Rice can be cooked simultaneously when vegetables are boiled. Thats an added advantage when it comes to the usage of a pressure cooker.
Lots of other additional constraints force me to use this. Its definitely more energy saving and root vegetables which take too much time when conventionally cooked can be cooked within very few minutes using a pressure cooker. Due to the very less time it takes, Pressure cooked vegetables are enriched with nutrients and vitamins.

2. Microwave oven

Microwave Oven

The hurry burry mornings when I get ready to office amidst the very quick cooking that I will have to finish necessitates the use of oven. Coffee and Tea becomes hot in a single minute. Vegetables can be cooked in a couple of minutes. Just set the time for cooking, close and press start. Come back in a couple of minutes. You vegetable is cooked and is ready for the other additions to be made. But before buying an oven, just make sure of the size, brand and the type of the oven that you are interested in.

3. Food Processor

Food ProcessorSalads that I have in the mornings need raw vegetables to be sliced with a good food processor. Everyone at home needs onion to be added in almost every dish that we take daily. I use good amount of chopped onions in food. I always want my apples to be sliced into pieces before mixing it in salads. I have to have my cup of fresh orange juice before I start to my office. Only my food processor, which can chop/cut vegetables and apples, and assist me in making the fresh juice can make all this happen. You can also use the processor to knead the dough to the softness that you need.

4. Dish Washer

Dish Washer

Washing dishes when I could look into the other household chores is what I like most with the dishwasher. It never needs me to be around which the dishes are washed. Just configure it to the settings you need and put the vessels to be washed. Close and start the dishwasher. Go in for a hot wash. Come back after an hour. You dishes are clean and your work gets done even when you are away.

5. Citrus squeezer

Citrus squeezer

When I make special recipes that need an enormous amount of lime juice, I have always felt that I will not be able to manage with a squeezer. If its one or two lemons that need to be squeezed, it can very well be done with hand. But when you need a good amount of limejuice, a citrus squeezer is a must.

6. Pasta Express

Pasta Express

Pasta can be made within minutes using the Pasta express. What you need is a kettle of hot water. Put the spaghetti in the canister and let it get cooked for a few minutes. Add the other additives that you need and your pasta is ready. This is just possible only with a pasta express. Try and enjoy the vantages of this pasta express.

7. Pizza stone with Paddle

Pizza stoneI cannot imagine a life without pizzas. Homemade pizzas taste definitely better than the one you get it at a pizza hut. You can start making crisp, tasty pizzas with the pizza stone. Use the paddle to make the pizza taste crispy on both the sides. Do it once and you will definitely feel that you cannot imagine a kitchen without the Pizza stone for sure. Click here to look into the reasons as to why you should buy a pizza stone for yourself?

8. Potato masher

Potato masherI have always felt irritated to mash those hot boiled potatoes to small lumps. But with my newly bought potato masher, that’s all old story now. This really helps me in mashing potatoes, which I make almost twice in a week. It also helps in mashing the broccoli and greens, which really become tasty and fine ground after mashing them with cooked pulses.

9. Vegetable Peeler

PeelerWithout a vegetable peeler, I can’t imagine the effort that would be involved in peeling the skin of the chayote squash, plantain and raw bananas with a knife. I have always found it easy when cooking the root vegetables. The roots are easily and quickly removed with a peeler.

10. Splatter guard

Splatter GuardI would always like to keep myself away from oil splattering on my clothes while cooking and especially frying. Tempering mustards has always been irritating to me because of the oil that they splash around. But you can get away with that by using a splatter guard.


Over the Counter Cold Sore Medicines: A Walkthrough

October 10, 2009

Although there are a handful of prescription cold sore medicines that have flooded the market today, it is critical that you have an idea of the common over the counter cold sore medicines for that would really be handy in case of urgency.

This article educates you about the various types of over the counter cold sore medicines that are available. Additionally it details you about the pros and cons of using over the counter cold sore medications in brief.

Types of Over the Counter Cold Sore Medications

Basically, there are three types of over the counter cold sore medicines.

Lenitive Agents: Lipreve, Denavir, Viraderm and Viroxyn are the popular over the counter cold sore medicines. While Lipreve is taken orally, the others are topical creams that are meant for external use and are mainly used as alleviating agents that quicken the recovery rather than curing agents. Blends of Docosanol are even available in the form of over the counter cold sore medicines and are widely used for speedy recovery of cold sores. Banadyne-3 is used as both an alleviatory and a benumbing agent for combating cold sores.

Benumbing Agents: Banadyne-3, Orajel Multi-Action Medicine Gel, Lysine, Viradent Gel, Phenol, zinc, tannic acid, Campho-phenizue and Zilactin Cold Sore Gel are the OTC drugs that are in vogue today. They offer a numb feeling around the infected areas and aim at alleviating the symptoms and terminating the growth of HSV type 1.

Moisturizing Agents/ Sunscreen Shields: Herpetrol, Herpecin-L, Burt’s Bees Sunscreen and Aberva are the commonly used over the counter cold sore medicines that help in softening the skin and protecting the skin from cracks and bleeds. Lip balms that are sunscreens and contain zinc oxide also help alleviate the symptoms of cold sores thereby expediting the recovery.

Miscellaneous Over the Counter Drugs for Cold Sores

Blistex and Carmex are generally used as lip balms for alleviating the irritation and keep the skin soft in cold sores. Ointments containing benzocaine or benzyl alcohol are used for relieving the pain. Zilactin, Anbesol, Tylenol and Ibrufen are the most common anesthetics used to assuage the inflammation. Antibiotic ointments like Polysporin and sunscreens are used in case of spreading sores.

The Pros

The over the counter cold sore medicines are powerful in reducing the inflammation and irritation caused by the fever blisters though they are not effective in wiping the viruses from the system.


Over the counter cold sore medicines are just alleviatory or lenitive. They aim at bringing down the symptoms and controlling further replication of the Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1. However none of them guarantee to eject the viruses completely out of the system.

OTC drugs, if taken without proper advice of medical practitioners can have unexpected side effects.